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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
As all find out, there is no generic answer to this question. On two occasions I've eaten 0 calories for 30 days and dropped weight like crazy (disclaimer: I do NOT recommend this, and won't personally ever do it again). I've also done 1,000 cals a day for nine months and lost a couple hundred pounds. This time, I've done 1,500 and lost almost as fast (and much more comfortably).

So, I guess my advice is to eat at a comfortable level that still allows you to maintain a reasonably high calorie deficit. If you are significantly overweight, I don't think there's anything wrong with a 1,000 cal a day deficit assuming you are eating good food and making sure to meet your nutritional needs.

Of course, one should always take the advice of a doctor/nutritionist to be safe.


How did you eat zero calories for 30 days? Was that a typo? The whole calorie deficit for me doesn't make any sense as I should be losing a load of weight if the charts are correct. I have a hunch I am not consuming enough though I don't know when I could eat more. I do wonder if the FD numbers are that accurate for exercising? Sure I exercised 1 hr 40 mins at gym today, then fished for one hour (yeah that burns a lot of calories according to FD) then did just a little housework and shopped for groceries for 15 mins, plus 7 hours sleep and that has me burning 1506 calories today. That just seems mindboggling high. I fixed a plate tonight of broiled chicken breast and 4 vegetables and I am struggling to force myself to even come close to finishing it even though my FD numbers I should be feeling starved since I am at a 1800 deficit for the day before counting this meal. Somethings just not right. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so I will ask him. I'm wondering if I can print out my FD stuff and show him the numbers?
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