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Default Wed weigh-in (OK a day late)

Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
weigh in this morning: -1/2 a pound. 147.5 7.5 to go.
Love those June birthdays, right around Father's Day, too...

Going to Fenway Park with the family on Saturday. Boston Beer Works for lunch first. Last time I was there, I was about 20 pounds heavier, and thoroughly enjoyed their fries, and fried pickles, followed by a Fenway Frank and ice cream in a Red Sox helmet at the park.
see a trend here? My favorite baseball memories are of FOOD! LOL

This time, I already checked out restaurant menu, and have picked out a healthy good lunch, and 1 tasty Victory Red beer. Will be smuggling in some veggies to munch on during gametime! What a different one year makes!

have a great week everyone, can't wait to hear how you all did!
Have fun Chris! The Sox are on a real teeter-totter this year. They are driving my Boston-born DH crazy! (Which in turn is drive his not Boston-born DW a little crazy). Funny, I guess because I didn't start going to ball games until I was well into my 30's (the Senators left DC long before I remember) food was never a big highlight of the game. A beer or 2, sure but at those prices---sheesh 2 beer will bust the bank

Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Today’s right at 150 – maintaining as I wish … had some bad luck which resulted in bad behavior – some comfort eating, but really, I can make my own luck – exerciese and eating right are their own reward (although chocolate and beer are good too!)
Debra – Welcome!
Tammy – Welcome – we can help each other
Chris, your birthday is five days before mine, so rock on!
Sorry about the bad luck Abby. I hope all is well now. And hey there isn't anything wrong with a little chocolate and beer now and again. I just keep forgetting about the "now and again" part.

Originally Posted by djslatt View Post
Hi everyone. I'm so excited! Today's weigh-in FINALLY put me in the 20s! 129.8. I know -- just barely, but I feel I haven't seen it for so long....and it makes my goal of 125 really seem feasible!
Whooo Hooo! AWESOME. Yup, 125 is in the sights now. Keep up the great work, woman

Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
you can only bring in a bottle of water per person at Fenway. Apparently they make a ton of cash on concessions! And they do, at 10 bucks a beer! So yep, I am bringing in some snacks for mama, all wrapped up in my kids' sweatshirts! LOL A small ballpark with BIG concession stand prices! (Plus, do I really need those cheesy fries? HELL NO!) Gonna be a beautiful day.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone
Hey, how do you think they pay for those multi-million dollar salaries . We saw the Sox play the Mariners last summer and I gotta say the concession offerings were pretty amazon at the Seattle park. Not just your usual dogs, nachos, and peanuts. Sushi, ravioli, stir fry. It was a good thing we had had a lovely dinner before we went. I might still be there trying to decide what to have.

So I am back up to 130 this morning. Probably had something to do with beer consumption (see comment above). But I'm not too worried, the next few weeks will be full of fun activities and maybe a little less work-based stress.
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