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So, I'm 46, have always worked out, but suffered from a chronic hip issue for several years which left me in a state of low grade constant pain - hip, knee, lower back (bad enough at times to wake me at night). I could still work out through it, but found myself avoiding walking up hills, gradually gaining weight I couldn't lose and generally just cranky. Over this last year I was able to correct the underlying issue with orthotics and extensively working with a physiotherapist and a personal trainer. I didn't really even realize the effect of the pain until I was no longer feeling it. I've stepped up my workouts (boxing, weights, tae kwon do) and cleaned up my eating (started tracking, trying to keep protein above 25%). I've gradually lost about 20 lbs at a rate of about a pound a month and I feel fantastic!

I'm amazed at the change. I'm sure you could do the same. Good luck to you!
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