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nvolz1960 04-28-2012 11:05 AM

Here I go!!
:)I am a 52 year old woman who recently had one heck of a health scare. I consider myself to be a walking miracle, and am determined to make the best of the time I have left here (hopefully a looong time too).

I quit smoking 6 weeks ago, started dieting today (need to loose perhaps 15 lbs) and am starting with a gym/trainer today.

I could pull this off so easily when I was younger, but would love to hear from some "mature" women like me who were able to make big changes to their health and bodies.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Kathy13118 04-28-2012 04:11 PM

Mature woman here! Results are slow, in my case, but I have come to accept that slow nature of weight loss. That's been difficult, but I have to ask myself - when I hear that I lost x pounds at the scale, and it seemed to take such a long, long time - would I want those x pounds back on my body? Nope.

Not regaining weight is the challenge, IMO. I've lost thousands of pounds in my lifetime so far. I can lose it, sure - but then, I gain it back!

deborocks 04-28-2012 04:44 PM

What is working for me is no dairy, no meat and no processed foods. Automatic sustained weight loss.... And I feel great!

annemarie_strand 05-16-2012 04:44 PM

So, I'm 46, have always worked out, but suffered from a chronic hip issue for several years which left me in a state of low grade constant pain - hip, knee, lower back (bad enough at times to wake me at night). I could still work out through it, but found myself avoiding walking up hills, gradually gaining weight I couldn't lose and generally just cranky. Over this last year I was able to correct the underlying issue with orthotics and extensively working with a physiotherapist and a personal trainer. I didn't really even realize the effect of the pain until I was no longer feeling it. I've stepped up my workouts (boxing, weights, tae kwon do) and cleaned up my eating (started tracking, trying to keep protein above 25%). I've gradually lost about 20 lbs at a rate of about a pound a month and I feel fantastic!

I'm amazed at the change. I'm sure you could do the same. Good luck to you!

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