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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Alright, I'm here. Stapling my butt to the front of the wagon to make sure I don't fall off. I am down 2 pounds from last Monday, but I really don't know how. There were deep fried yumminess that are known as empanadas over the weekend. And oreos. Lots and LOTS of oreos.

1: log everything
2: water, lots and lots of water...maybe just MAYBE if I imagine the water as oreos???
3: calories 1200-1500....for some reason lately it's like I can't eat enough. I did so well with 1200 for so long, not it's like I'm famished even when I stick to the meal plan I was on then
4: some sort of extra activity every day
5: don't be a slave to the scale, post starting weight and ending weight only--187.4

That should do it. Have a wonderful week everyone!
I personally think it's the Oreos!!! I lost weight eating sugar free ones and no I don't think they were lower in calories, just lower in yumminess. And when I stopped eating them, I gained the weight back. Coincidence? I think not.

Water as Oreos. hmmmmm, gotta try it, doesn't have that crunch tho....

So glad you got my Shoeless Jackson reference and so glad you are here - missed your feistiness. And BTW I love that movie too. That and Bull Durham. Two baseball movies featuring Kevin Kostner.
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