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canary52 05-14-2012 02:02 AM

5/14/12 If you build a Motivational thread they will come
OK ready?

1) 6+ glasses of water
2) stretch
3) write two hours a day 5 days a week
4) 1500 calories or <
5) lose at least 1 lb this week
6) keep positive

Your turn... And how do I correct the title to read motivational thread instead of what I have?

almeeker 05-14-2012 02:38 AM

Very funny title, I say leave it as is... I'm a phantom dieter, lol. Here goes nothing:

Health goals:

1. Calories 1,500 or less.
2. Water 100 oz +.
3. Exercise 5+ hours.
4. Protein 22%+.
5. Deficit 500+ calories daily.
6. Log everything, calories, activities, mood.

Other Stuff:

1. Housework, 45 min daily + 1 load of laundry.
2. Finish rabbit cages, possibly start a new one.
3. Get a piece of carpet for grooming.
4. Go down to 4-H office and straighten everything out.
5. Prep for G.S. meeting and awards ceremony.

That's it.

canary52 05-14-2012 03:23 AM

Amy, if the title got you to the thread then I will leave it!!!! Altho it does say "moitivational."

Jho82 05-14-2012 03:32 AM

I love the title! Thats so awesome! I'm in for realz this week. I wanted to make a fresh start because I haven't been entirely happy with the last month. I'm up 2 lbs but hubby and I are starting fresh today. We had his dad's memorial on saturday (he passed away in January) so that is finally at a close for him and his mom. No more excuses. I'm not sure what happened after March and my first weigh in but I've been here.... but not giving it my all...not being horrible (except yesterday when I ate a bag of doritos - its a weakness!) but not putting extreme effort in either.... I think it will work this time with hubby on the wagon too! Our first workout is scheduled for tonight for the Premier of the Bachelorette!!! SO EXCITED!

I tried cottage cheese for the first time this morning - I mixed it with my oatmeal and it wasn't bad - I had to add some cinnamon but its def something I could eat on a daily basis! Its so nice out I think I will take the kids out in a little bit and get my car cleaned out!

I'm going back to the basics - this includes my water intake - I'm dropping to 80oz from my attempt at 100oz - sorry Mike :( I just haven't been able to do it.... and because I was feeling discouraged about it I would give up before I even stood a chance - MIND OVER MATTER.... the mind is a very powerful thing. I've said this before and truly believe it. When I aimed for 80oz I was getting 80-100 easily but as soon as I bumped it up to 100 I felt like I couldn't reach that goal and would give up so my water intake has been crap lately. This is not an excuse - I really do believe that I will do better at 80oz. I'm already at 30 oz and its only 1030am. I hope you can understand Mike - its nothing personal - its not you, its me LOL

I've also joined the "Mothers 90 Day Challenge" So I will have to check in here and there! Support is key! Love you guys! :)

1. Drink min 80oz of WATER!
2. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri(at least)!!
3. Min 60 crunches/day!
4. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (knees)!
5. Calories below 1300/day!
6. Check in min 2x/day!
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!

canary52 05-14-2012 03:40 AM

Jho so glad to see you!!! Great goals, excellent attitude!!! And yeah cottage cheese is not that bad.

Sorry abotu DH's loss, understandable for all of you to get off track. But you're here!! And hey maybe the water goal controversy will get Mike back.

Mike, Mern , Tori, where are youuuuuuuuuuu?
Quinn, Cassie, Lizzie, Nobe, Jeanne, Mary, Tunn, Chris, everyone, Shoeless Joe Jackson....anyone out there?

almeeker 05-14-2012 03:43 AM

Today is off to a bit of a rough start, not diet-wise, just in general. Our youngest seems to have a touch of the PMS this morning. She's 5, and I do believe she got it from her 8 year old sister and has given it to my 2 year old week day baby. We def need to do an attitude adjustment around here. I'm thinking "nap" followed by a fun snack? Maybe something with a happy face on it.

almeeker 05-14-2012 03:45 AM

Jho, I hear you on getting back to the basics. My water intake totally gets off track if I don't workout in the morning. And guess what? I didn't workout this morning. I have one planned for this evening, hopefully I'll get a good bit of water down this morning anyway, because there is nothing so discouraging as feeling like you're behind schedule at 10:45 in the morning.

I too am sorry for your loss.

nobe 05-14-2012 03:58 AM

I'm here! Same goals as last week.

1) 1,600 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,600)
2) do 2 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons/stationary bike)
3) 20% protein minimum
4) 64oz water minimum
5) calorie deficit 700+
6) take vitamins
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice)

Hope - I need some moitivation, so the title is great, haha. No, but really, I hope you just mean fixing the typo, because I love the title.

Jho - I understand the water thing. I try to keep my goals attainable because if they're too much I fail miserably. Even just going up to 72oz of water made me drink a lot less.

Amy - it's so frustrating when kids get up on the wrong side of the bed and are crankypants for no obvious reason. Sometimes just some quiet time can turn things around. What's a week day baby?

quinnesec 05-14-2012 04:07 AM

I'm in!

Ate everything that wasn't tied down over the weekend... ugh... when will I learn??

Simple rules for an insane week:

1. Calories at or below 1200.
2. Walk daily, weather permitting.
3. 3-4 fruits and/or veggies a day.
4. Eat responsibly at school socials, banquets, etc.

Off to figure out how to strap a kayak to a Focus... don't ask... lol. Big scholarship announcements for us tonight... wish us luck!

amalthea1892 05-14-2012 04:50 AM

I'm In!

Goals 5/14
Water, lots of water (70+):
1500 cals or less:
Gym 2x this week or Crunch workout:
20 min power walks at work each day:
Lose that super stubborn 1lb this week:
1 load laundry/day:
Thank you notes in mail:
Call (you know who):

Last weekend: Mothers Day splurge -Thai peanut sauce (free day so somewhat ok). I learned that lbs don’t melt off without exercise. I know I forget to drink water when working outside (BIG mental note to improve on that). I decided not to stress over upcoming work deliverable – useless wasteful emotion given the magnitude of the task (and because I just got a bonus for doing a good job). I have decided that DS entire future does not depend on what pre-school he attends for the next 2 years (no need to hire a fortune teller after all). I realize that my weight is TOTALLY in my control and if I actually follow my own simple goals I can do nothing but succeed. So after several weeks of no loss, and lots of red/orange on my goals list I am ready for the Mental Shift into working big-time on my follow-through!

Happy Mid-May Everyone! Ama

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