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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
April, you explained it quite well. When is this happening? I will send some good healing energy your way, honey. Sorry you have to go through this!!!

MH welcome back! I saw the picture of you and Mike in NOLA. You guys looked great. And yeah drinking to excess is definitely not fun. But I guess it was your 21st b-day and a rite of passage? And you learned a valuable lesson (albeit the hard way): moderation!!!
I must certainly did learn a lesson! I'm just the type of person who would prefer to drink water & dance, than to drink poison and cry. :P Plus I've heard that alcohol affects athletic performance, which is so NOT okay!
Age: 21

You can only sit on your rump and feel sorry for yourself for so long before your butt goes numb.
Better to jog away your worries than to add a sore ass to the list.

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