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Goals for this week...

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100oz water daily
2. Calorie deficit of 5000
3. Lose 3 lbs by Friday to achieve goal of 250 by 4/27 (15lb loss in 8 weeks)
4. Less than 45% carbs
5. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 2 times this week minimum
6. Weigh and post daily (Last Monday's weight: 256.6lbs) M: 253.0lbs, Weight change so far this week:

Life Goals
1. No more than 1 day behind on paperwork at work
2. Clean fish bowl in office
3. Keep house cleaned up nightly from roofers (skylights drop stuff inside the house while replacing) Should be a W-F goal weather permitting
4. Do some form of housework to keep caught up in case I can't do housework this weekend.

I am going kind of light on the life goals this week. I am supposed to have a procedure (ablation) done on Friday and the after affects of it vary widely so I am trying to have my weekend open for resting & relaxing. The roofers were supposed to start this morning but SURPRISE! It's snowing in the end of April. We dont' have accumulation yet where we are but just up the mountain they have 8-10 inches already and it won't be over until tomorrow morning. We are to get 2-4 where I live. I'll believe it when I see it, but they do have it up the mountain.

I got invited to a surprise lunch today. It is a sub, salad, pizza place so I should be able to make a good choice. As long as the owner is going to be there we will go. If not, we will reschedule.

I hope to stay more in touch with all of you this week. It seems that I can't keep up with the posting the past few weeks. I miss knowing what is going on with all of you. It's the nosey in me!
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