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Default looking for input or advice

wasn't sure where to turn for help, so i thought this would be a good place. i'm 40 (41 on saturday, but i'm still clinging to that lower number), and i have a LOT of weight to lose. my start was 275 and i want to get down to 135. i'm at 255 right now. and i've been there for 2 weeks now...i hit 255 on 4/6, went down to 253 on the 9th and i've been back up to 255 since then. that's the problem i'm numbers aren't moving. i haven't been going over my calories, and i've been having most of the same things to eat since the beginning. oatmeal with 1/2 small apple for breakfast, salad with sunflower seeds and sometimes chicken for lunch. dinners vary, but i keep on an average of around 1400/day. 1600 (on a bad day) and as low as 1100 on a light day.

exercise is the hardest thing for me, and i haven't been doing much except for my daily running around with the kids, grocery shopping, stuff around the house, etc. the first 6 weeks the weight was just coming right off like crazy. then i hit 21 lbs down and came to a screeching halt. even gained a lb back. the only problem i can think of is i've been, uh, a little backed up. can that stop the weight loss? what would be the problem in the stalled loss, and what can i do to change it? i'm pretty down about it and am thinking i need to even skip my birthday dinner date with my hubby until i get my loss back on track. my mini goal was to be 26 lbs down by the 26th when i go back to my dr., but with no loss for 2 weeks now i don't think that's possible.

thanks for any help!
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