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lcriswell0421 04-18-2012 10:49 PM

looking for input or advice
wasn't sure where to turn for help, so i thought this would be a good place. i'm 40 (41 on saturday, but i'm still clinging to that lower number), and i have a LOT of weight to lose. my start was 275 and i want to get down to 135. i'm at 255 right now. and i've been there for 2 weeks now...i hit 255 on 4/6, went down to 253 on the 9th and i've been back up to 255 since then. that's the problem i'm numbers aren't moving. i haven't been going over my calories, and i've been having most of the same things to eat since the beginning. oatmeal with 1/2 small apple for breakfast, salad with sunflower seeds and sometimes chicken for lunch. dinners vary, but i keep on an average of around 1400/day. 1600 (on a bad day) and as low as 1100 on a light day.

exercise is the hardest thing for me, and i haven't been doing much except for my daily running around with the kids, grocery shopping, stuff around the house, etc. the first 6 weeks the weight was just coming right off like crazy. then i hit 21 lbs down and came to a screeching halt. even gained a lb back. the only problem i can think of is i've been, uh, a little backed up. can that stop the weight loss? what would be the problem in the stalled loss, and what can i do to change it? i'm pretty down about it and am thinking i need to even skip my birthday dinner date with my hubby until i get my loss back on track. my mini goal was to be 26 lbs down by the 26th when i go back to my dr., but with no loss for 2 weeks now i don't think that's possible.

thanks for any help!

RunbikeSki 04-19-2012 06:56 PM

Hi lcriswell0421,
It sounds like you have hit the dreaded plateau - it happens to practically everyone sooner or later. Stick to you guns! Have you been measureing yourself? Lots of people find that even though the scale fairy is not being very fair-like, you may be losing inches anyway as your body adjusts and rearranges to you new weight.

The other thing that will certainly help at this point is to find an exercise routine that you like. Walking is by far one of the best at this point in your journey. If you can find a friend to walk with, so much the better. You might also try looking into videos. Your local library may have a good selection. Start slow so you don't burn out early, and don't be afraid to check out lots of different types until you find one that clicks.

There are lots of ladies here who are exercise video experts, so hopefully some will weigh in with some suggestions.

Since you are so successfull, you may also want to (if you haven't already) start adopting some of those hidden exercise tricks like parking at the back of lot when you go shopping, always taking the stairs, or packing the grocery bags just a little bit heavier than usual. Someone had a great suggestions of always sitting on the floor when they watch TV. It is much harder to get up from the floor than from the couch ;).

In any event keep it up girl! You will get there. The ups and downs are just part of the journey.

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