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I had the original fit day program for 3 years, it worked. Bought a new computer and tried to get fit day again, purchased "premium account" thinking that was going to give me the new fit day program that would run on my pc. Thought it was awful expensive at $50. Then I find the fit day 2 program download page and ended up paying $30 for the pc version. Now I'm trying to find a way to cancel the "premium" thing but can't find any navigation to any of my account information to do any cancellation. Then there is the issue of just contacting fit day, nothing but "feedback" report? Well I've given up on the feedback route with all the bugs I found in their program. I can't cut & paste without crashing fit day 2 so I just want all my money back. I've crashed the program 6 times first day. I give up.

I'm running widows 7/64bit and the issue I have is the view/current view/Group foods by meal does not save for me so when the program is started up, after it was shut down, has to be selected again. Then when I highlight more then one food log entry and transfer it to a different meal time, (like lunch to dinner), it crashes every time. Had the old program running just before I updated it and it worked ok.

Now all I want is to get all my money back and get this off my computer.
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