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Thanks for your understanding and encouragement, my friends. It would have been a little easier to accept had the mother at least let my daughter know her son was kicked and she was calling the police. She wanted the police to take my 10 year old granddaughter to the juvenile detention center right then and there on her son's word against my granddaughter's as to what happened, without my daughter being notified there was a problem so she could be present when my granddaughter was questioned.

Cassie, yes, thanks, we knew it was a good thing she didn't kick a kid at school. The police are always called in that circumstance to protect the kids from bullies and the school board from law suits--I can accept it just about has to be that way at school. The offending child is taken to the police station and the parents summoned there before charges or referrals to juvenile court are filed.

In view of her admission that she did mean to kick him in the leg, I think some sort of age-appropriate not fun community service ordered by a mediator (like pulling weeds, picking up trash, or washing dishes) is in order. Making her scared of police is not the answer...

OK, I'm still on the wagon, although I didn't exercise today. I may do it later--may help to relieve some tension.

Enough about me--I'm off to read today's posts to find out what's going on in YOUR world. Er, uhm, I'm not the only one who needs support.
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