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Just buzzing by for a sec--in between driving runs to three different places with the grandkids with just one car because my car is acting strangely today and I'm afraid to drive it.

To all: the prayers and good vibes to God and the universe for my granddaughter's issue are so much appreciated. Thanks and hugs to all of you.

Jho and others praying for my granddaughter's issue. Thanks. It'll be a
couple weeks or more before we know how severe the consequences will
be. I'll just tell you what is going on. Long story short, my 10 year old
granddaughter got into a spat with a neighorhood boy with whom she was
playing in his house. Her story is that she tried to kick him in the leg, and
accidentally kicked him in the testicles. His story is that she kicked him
there deliberately. Even though his mother did not witness what happened
and did not see the need to take him to the doctor or hospital, she called
our township police. The next day the boy was running around the school
and neighborhood playing, but even if the mother does not follow through
with her promise to press assault charges against my granddaughter, she
already has been referred to juvenile court by the police department
because of their zero tolerance for juvenile "fighting." I totally agree my
granddaughter should be punished with appropriate severity, but her
mother could have handled that quite effectively with input considered
from the boy's mother. Maybe I'm too close to the subject, but it seems taking the matter to juvenile court is excessive and now my granddaughter sees police as mean and unfair instead of as her protectors.

Fell off the wagon yesterday but am back on. Will try to post goals later.
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