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Great! I'm so glad you're going to try it! Like I said, it did wonders for me! And I'm full all day. You know how most people say that after you swim you get really hungrey?? Well I dont! Because I eat right before and then treat myself after! I'm a fast food junkie! But I went swimming yesterday then we went to McDonalds- my one friend got a mushroom swiss 3-pound burger and ice cream cone then my other friend got a LARGE quarter pounder with cheese and fries and coke! You know what I got....a chicken snack wrap and parfait (I usually only get a fruit and nut parfait or I go home and eat a yogurt for the protein to get back and to feed my muscles after swimming) ! both things together were under 500 cal and my day yesterday only hit 1535 with the WHOLE diet I told you about before AND a snack after swimming! Whoo hoo! You go girl~ if it works this well for me I'm sure it'll work just as good if not better for you! Keep me updated!
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