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I have chosen the pick a few random pages strategy to catch-up on posts- so sorry to all those I have missed! I have a series of big work deadlines every few weeks from now until May 12th. I am typically a stress non-eater, so the work-hard-weight-loss-strategy can only serve to help the cause (the cause being getting into a new swim-suit and not having to suck my gut in all the time). Well… we’ll see about that, but it is worth a try!

I see a few newcomers feeling out the thread… WELCOME Freshman, Rizona and Stressa (and everyone else I missed… sorry)!!! I have seriously lost about 5lbs in the last few weeks and owe a lot of that to having jumped on the wagon with this support group of wonderful people who are generous enough to share their lives, knowledge, successes and struggles with the group! I hope ya’ll find it helpful to be here!

Jho – Where are you moving to??? Great job on your goals this week so far! I would have red across the board if I tried to get up before my monster also… that is a tough goal to meet! I will try it in the summer though when it is light out early – these rainy days just make me want to sleep in.

April – Wow, lots of green! Way to go on your measurements! I wish I was organized enough to measure… I go by the holes in my belt and if I can get into my jeans or not. Keep up the great work!

Ruby – My hubby and I were talking last night about the cycle of being hungry. Every 3rd day or so of steady calorie deficits lead to a really hungry day! I would have been into the truffles also (if they were in the house)! Instead I was into cereal last night as it was the only sweet thing I could get my hands on… so far the mini-binges have not made the scale to up at all. Great job on those outstanding chores!

Quinn – Hope you found your keys! I found mine in a boot one time (thanks to DS).

Hope – Oh so sorry about the fibro flare-up… I hope it does not last long and you can get back to your normal active self soon.

Kimbur – Sometimes cardio is all I can get in as well… but that really is the best part of the gym workout!

MyDay – Thank you for sharing your challenges with us. It must have been very difficult to write those down to share, but sometimes it is good to just let it all out. You’re a brave lady, and you have infinite power to make positive change in your life. Keep up the good work!

Nobe – 15 lbs since February? Fantastic work!

Crazi – Good work on the nutrition & exercise research and for keeping that positive attitude!

Tunnrida – I tried kickboxing at the gym and about it about killed me! Not that he moves were too hard, they were just soooo fast and I have absolutely no coordination. It is great you are so active!

Terri – Wow!!! What a sweetheart you landed! I love that you were able to tell him exactly what you wanted.. . he pick out sparkly, keep time and place a secret.. I am so happy for you!

Tori – So glad your day was better than those before. Good positive outlook on the rest of the week!

Cassie – Yay, lots of blue so far this week! Goals 6-9 would be tough for me to get done as well…

Mern - I hope you are doing well!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay Clean (gotta say this to myself because, yes, I am struggling with the Pact)!

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