7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 03/26/12

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Default Tuesday

1--no more than 1400 calories--1785, 1886
2--workout or walk 4 times.--no, no
3--drink water--minimum of 64 oz a day--36.9, 53.8
4--log EVERYTHING!!!!--I haven't logged a damn thing since Tuesday evening--yes, yes
5--post weight daily--193.4, 195.4-a little skewed because I forgot to weigh in this morning so had to do it tonight and I'm normally up in the evenings anyway

1--wash and vacuum car on next day off--Saturday is the next day off
2--make an effort on appearance--which means no Longhorns cap, makeup optional, don't live in Ponytail City (even though it's nice there)--nope, but went with the Gamecocks hat instead, no hat, but no makeup either
3--breathe don't cry--there were tears, yes
4--breathe don't cry--and snot, yes
5--BREATHE DON'T CRY--lots of tears and snot, yes

My goals don't reflect it, but I had a much better day than I've had the past few. Hopefully better things will be in store tomorrow too.

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Default Rizona~

Originally Posted by Rizona
Hi, this is my first time here. I really appreciate your posts of motivation. It gives me hope that I can do something similar.

Hi there!

You definitely can do something similar! Make small goals if you need to, just to get started. That's how I began. Welcome aboard ~
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Arrow TUES Report

I bought new scales today, so I'll see how the scale treats me in the morning for my WED Weigh-in.

I dropped my Supplements, my Distance (10) mile, & Audio Bible/Health group book study goals--> because those goals have now become habit with me. If I need to, I'll add them on again.

_________________My Goals______________
Check-in: MON - TUES -
Sun = Cushion Day -> Respite with Reason . . . Daily = x6/wk

"It's easy to say 'no!' when there's a deeper 'yes!' burning inside." -Stephen R. Covey

..........FOCUS (1) Mind & Heart.........
1. Thankfulness Journal Entry x6 *~* YES {M_T_ }
..............INTAKE (3) Nutrition...........
---FOOD .'. {5 Grain/Meat/Veg/Oils} & {3 Dairy~1Ĺ Fruit} & {1-2 Extra}
2. Eat Clean (Avoid Junk) -> YES {M_T_ }
3.1600 Calorie At/Below -> YES {M_T_}
4. Water (100 oz) ->YES {M_T_ }
.....................TRAIN (2) Movement........
5. Focused Exercise daily *~*YES {M_T_ }
*** Aerobic (150"): 60"
*** Muscular (Circuit x3 and Pilates x1): Circuit x1

6. Lifestyle Activity-Just MOVE (Min. 1 hr daily) *~* YES {M_T_ }

Tally during week. Stamp "Met" or "Incomplete" @ end of week.
..........DAZZLE (3) Inside Stuff........
1. Kitchen (4 hrs) *~* 2 hr
2. Cleaning (2 hrs) *~*
3. Clothing (x5) *~* x2
..............ADMINISTRATE (1) Think Tank...........
4. Deskwork (30") *~* 5"
....................YOMP (1) Outside Care.........
5. Straighten up Garden Shed *~*

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Wink Forgive me if I missed you.

I quickly edited my comments. Sorry if grammar/spelling is not correct.

Mern ~ How's it going with the EAT CLEAN Pact?

Quinn ~ Did you find your keys? What a pain to lose keys, especially when you have to be somewhere fast!

Terri ~ Hope you will find your way clear with your job options. On that article that you linked about childhood obesity. It's a tough subject. I do not agree with the mother's approach.

I try to emphasize what is healthy, limit sweets and to encourage increase movement. I try to instill in our girls the idea that they are in charge of their bodies & that we love them for who they are. I'm an example of not caring for myself for various reasons, and so now I deal with that consequence. BUT I'm making a change for the better. I let them know why I choose certain foods. My oldest likes to copy my latest strides in eating, although she naturally would eat more healthy than me. My youngest is one that I have to keep after to continue to eat healthy. I so hope that I somehow I guide them into a healthy balance of eating/exercise and attitude.

Mike ~ Last evening, my dh was on the computer. So here I am now. . . .

Ama ~ Keep that swimsuit in mind! What a great motivation to eat clean.

April ~ yeaaaaa!! Look at you losing wt this week. . . .Ha! Ha! The weight-loss glow is an awesome compliment. And Yup! That "hula-hooper" smilie is there for a reminder for me to do what I need to do. It's still a daily struggle.

Kimbur ~ Even if you couldn't respond to people, I still love to read your goals & to see what you're doing. Thanks for keeping us updated on your diving adventure. I have May 31 on my mind!

Tunnrida ~ I'm so glad that you're feeling better. I love tea too. You're doing wonderful with your English. How do you say, "Great job!" in Croatian? Awwww . . .. Please take good care of yourself this week. That woman's stuff can be so annoying!

Jho82 ~ It would be nice to have a list of stress reliever options "stickied" on this forum. 'Cause when I'm stressed out, I often forget what options I can do. My mother would do housework! . ... .You are doing awesome with meeting your goals! Lady, look at your water goal. Wasn't it you that were challenged with 48 oz? I smile with your "Feeling great" statements. Oh yea. I miss Mern too when she can't make it on. Don't worry. She'll be here.

rubypeanut ~ Hang in there! You've a lot of changes around your house - as you well know.

mydaywillcome ~ I love your statement in your signature, "It's never too late to change your life for the better, you have the power." You're living proof of that statement. I guess I want to somehow acknowledge what all you've been through. That's great how you're forging ahead and with specific goals!

Freshman30 ~ Glad you're posting with us! You've actually been using FitDay longer than I have. I started last December (2012). Best wishes in meeting all your goals this week!

mhibdon ~ Stay strong!

nobe ~ I like your green. Great going on your water intake!

Cassie ~ You have such nice words of encouragement.

crazigerl ~ Good going on fighting the negative self-talk. For me, that's half the battle! The reason I focus on motivational sayings with my goal setting.

Hope ~ I like your attitude toward life. With that going for you, you'll meet your goals more often than not.

Tori ~ So glad you're better. Stay strong!

Not sure when I'll be back. Probably late tonight. Overall, I'd say I'm developing good habits. I've now been here 3 months already! Amazing.
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1. Drink min 64oz of WATER!! Y, Y
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! ****** N, N
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri!! Y, Y(bonus workout!!)
4. Min 50 crunches/day! Y, Y
5. Log ALL food - no cheating or snacking on junk! Y,Y
6. Calories below 1300/day! N:1411, Y:1241
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! *******

Luv - yes that was me!!! I hated water - I would barely drink one glass a day but now with my newly formed habit of chugging it back with meals (and anywhere in between) I'm reaching my goals and then some!! I increased my amount from 8oz a chug to 10oz and my PM workouts are BONUS! Congrats on your 3 months! I find myself on this site more than anything else - keeps me in check with my cals and there is sooo much info in the forums! If only I could get into the habit of waking up early - I love sleep!

MIKE - SERIOUSLY IF I DON'T SEE ONE RAK TODAY SOMEBODY GONNA GET HURT REEEEAALLL BAD (Russell Peters! watch it - hilarious!) How hard is it to open a door for someone?! Or I'm sure there is something in your office that needs to be fixed/adjusted (assuming you work in an office). COME ON!

Tori - I see that the crying has subsided - thats awesome! One day at a time my friend!

Cassie - don't you hate that zombie feeling?! The worst is over(hopefully) - way to push through with your goals!

Nobe!! Look at you with all the green!! How was your first day not working?
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Health / Fitness ...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. Shred 5 days this week (weekend will probably be off) M: Yes, T: No, W: Yes,
3. No Diet Coke (lent) M: Yes, T: Yes,
4. No salt added to my plate M: Yes, T: Yes,
5. Walk on lunch - 10miles again this week would be awesome M: 36min - 2miles, T: 36min - 2.25miles,
6. Carbs under 50% M: 50%, T: 51%,
7. Watch Level 3 of 30 Day Shred so I know what I'm in for. M: No, T: half of it,
8. 5000 calorie deficit this week M: -1511, T: -809, Deficit this week so far: -2320
9. Weigh and post it daily M: 263.4lbs, T: 262.2lbs, W: 259.0lbs, Weight change so far this week: -4.4lbs

Life Goals ...
1. Read something for 1/2 hr a day not on the internet (I am going to get this!) M: Yes (finally!), T: Yes (an hour!),
2. Take dogs for a walk at least once (gotta get them ready for camping this summer and Chloe is a tornado on a leash) M: No, T: No,
3. Scrub the insides of the camper canvases M: DONE!!
4. Put curtains back up in camper M: DONE!!
5. Rug scrubber family room (weekend)
6. Laundry every day M: No, T: Yes,
7. If I am tired, go to sleep instead of bobbing my head while trying to stay awakeM: Yes, T: Yes,

Another good day yesterday. I just want to mention something for the new members and those that aren't used to my weight fluctuations. Last week was TOTM (time of the month) for me. Every month during that week I gain 3-6lbs. The next week I will lose those pounds. So while it looks like I have lost over 4 lbs so far this week, I am really just back to where I was last Monday now. Well -.4lbs from last Monday. But I didn't want anyone to think that I was doing anything crazy to drop weight so fast like that. Now I just have to work on going further so I am losing fat instead of just water.

I did my weekly bra & undies pic this morning and a complete set of measurements. I am so pleased that I started measuring. Every measurement either stayed the same or went down. And that is just in one week. Just for example, in the last two weeks my bicep, chest & waist have all lost an inch, my neck has lost .75 inch, my hips have lost 1.75inch, .5inch off my thigh and 1/4inch off my calf. My forearm is the only thing that has remained the same. I really wish that I had been doing full measurements all along. The only beginning measurements I have are waist and then about 4 months later I started doing hips too. Since 02.21.11 I have lost 14" from the waist and since 06.21.11 I have lost 8.5" off my hips.

Wow! I'm long winded today. Off to read posts so I can reply to you all! Have a great day!
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Jho, I'm trying. One of the girls here said I should count what I did for her, but nope, that's what being a friend is about... Not a real RAK.
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1)Walk 3 x -No, NO If I feel better will have to aim for this
2) gym 3 x - Yes, NO If I feel better, will have to not even try 3 lb weights
3) 1650 per day (plus one cheat) No (over 2000) No (over 2000)
4) 6 glasses of water -8, 9
5) meditate- NO, NO
6) write one hour per day -YES broke my block!!! writing class + writing at home so Y
7) return books to library ( surely I can do that? My name is not Shirley - remember from the movie Airplane?)- YES, DONE
9) 3 servings of veg minimum- YES, NO
10) be a stretchy mama -YES, NO

Went to class, came home early due to fibro flare and got right into bed. A fellow student offered to drive me home not realizing that I live an hour away from the Writing Center. But people ARE so kind. Like you guys. Hopefully a day or two in bed will fix me up and I will get back on my feet.

And yes, Luv, sweetie, I will try and eat clean because I haven't been and it's better for my health (better for everyone's isn't it? if we try.) I am gonna go stretch cause all that time in bed made me one stiff mama.

Love to all.
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Mike - try harder - its Wednesday. I may not have a whip or boots but I have attitude - you push ppl so I'm gonna push you! Just 1 today!!!!!

Hope - what is a fibro flare?

April - finally I know what TOTM is LOL I think I might measure next week since I'm going hard this week with my workouts.... a little worried though if the results are bad I may be discouraged (hence the reason I avoid the scale). Great job - must feel soooooo good to be seeing results like that! Thats amazing!
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JHO ... I don't mind your asking about the family therapy. I wouldn't put it out there if it was too personal. Starting in December my youngest son (13 yrs old) became suicidal and his anger (lifelong) outbursts took on a new level of rage. He has been hospitalized twice since then. Once for 10 days and once for a month. The family therapy started in late November as we knew we were coming to a big problem with him and were trying to head it off but didn't get to it soon enough. Things are looking up for him right now. He attends a special school where he gets group & individual therapy daily and seems to be fitting in very well with the other kids. That is a big improvement for him as he has big social problems. Don't be afraid to ask me anything. .... Look at you go with your bonus workout!!

Ruby ... Passports for the kids? You planning a big vacay?

Mike ... Great on those goals! Now go be nice to someone.

Cassie ... I hope you get to feeling better soon. It is hard to be motivated when you feel crappy.

Nobe ... Look at all your green! Quitting that job may have been just the boost you needed.

Tori ... So glad to hear that you made it through the day and things are starting to feel more normal for you.

Luv ... You are rockin your goals this week! And yes, I was able to interpret them! LOL

Hope ... How long does a flare usually last? ... I find it amazing that despite all that pain you are in that you are still thinking positive!

Where are Mern and Amy this week? Darlene has been gone for a while too.
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