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I'm on my phone so this won't be super long. I had a pretty good day, wrote a home and auto and had a friend com by the office with 2 fish (black drum and speckled trout) that his neighbor gave him. He doesn't know how to clean fish and didn't want to waste it so he gave it to me. I cleaned them when I got home from the gym (before grilling steaks) and I figured I'd invite him over this weekend to eat them.

April, 3 is a lot but seeing that I had Jho kicking me in my teeth, I had to step up.

Jho, I if finished the day with a big goose egg. I'm going to try to get in 3 for the week but it may be difficult for this grumpy old bastard.

Mern, shhhh mums the word. I have a reputation to uphold!
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