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What day is it? O_O

Sorry I disappeared last week ladies, life got very, very, very, very hectic. It's still going to be hectic this week but hopefully more manageable if I'm disciplined. I've just had so many job interviews all of a sudden pulling me in 1,000 directions (though I know this is a problem many would kill to have...) on top of my lecturing that it's been very hard to stay focused. I stopped logging after Wednesday last week. I know I didn't go entirely off the rails, but I think I ate a lot of sodium and I'm up to 159.1 this morning. Hopefully, that's just salt, and I can get back down to where I saw 156 for a brief, shining moment in the sun. My sister also had a health scare and I was distracted on the phone with family a lot, but she seems to be okay now. Just more meds to add to her daily regiment, which is already scary-big

Have had three job interviews on the phone in the past few days. One of them was so-so, one was good, and one went VERY well, to the point where the guy basically told me that they're going to invite me out for a campus interview (His words were "I can't say this for certain because the Dean needs to approve, but it's very likely we'll invite you out" -- which means to me "I am going to recommend you but I have to wait for the Dean to sign it before I can say that" in academia-speak). I'll wait to hear back from the other two. I've also been contacted by a community college that wants to invite me for a campus interview, so things are moving along there. Not sure if a community college is what I want for the long term - it'd have to be right for me - but I'm not putting anything off of the table.

I need to be really focused this week, so my "other" category goals are going to reflect DAILY things I MUST accomplish in order to stay on track. It's likely to be a long list, you don't have to read it all if you don't want to There will probably be abbreviations and such not to give too much personal info away, haha. I might update them as the week goes on as well as things pop up

Tori: Hugs for whatever's making you feel like you need to cry, my dear. We're all here for you no matter what.

Cassie: Lovely to see you back. Missed you!

Weekly Goals

Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals
1) Calories under 1500 every day. Log and post average.
2) Exercise M, W, F, Sat for at least 45 minutes per session. Extra is awesome
3) Calorie deficit of at least 3,500
4) 80+ oz. of water per day
5) Multivitamin Daily
6) In bed by 11:30 every night. There are no excuses!!!!
7) Weigh in M, W, F and report here. M: 159.1

Other Goals
1) Make an effort on my appearance every day
2) Call grandmother
3) Check up on sister

Daily Other Goals:
1) Get in application to MM
2) 1/3-1/2 of lecture DONE
3) E-mail DCC/AT about Friday visit
4) Clean kitchen

2) At least 3 hours on HPLC
3) Clean living room

1) Review lecture
2) Laundry night/clothes to goodwill

1) Clean bedroom

1) Make sure all follow-ups completed
2) Check plant/refill if necessary
Female, 31 years old, 5'4 1/2" tall
Starting weight 1/4/11 = 215.2 lbs.
Weight 10/22/14 = 175.0 (net: -40.2)
Last mini-goal: 175 lbs. REACHED 10/22/14 --REWARD: New wallet
Current min-goal: 170 lbs.
Next large goal: 165 lbs. by 12/25/2014
Lowest weight: 156.7 lbs.
150.2 lbs. <--- Official "Healthy BMI" weight
Estimated final goal: 130-140 lbs.
"You don't have to change your life today. You only need to change your day today."
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