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Megan -
The resting metabolic rate that I got tested assumes that I basically slept the entire day and didn't move AT ALL - it's only calories burned by organs essentially. Correct me if I am wrong anyone, but I belive FitDay estimates calories burned on an average day for a person based on an assumed "lifestyle" it gives an average calories burned for a woman of X age/weight/height with a seated/active/etc job/lifestyle. So the FitDay one is higher because it incorporates an average day of movement. So yes, in an average day I (hopefully) burn much more than 1500 cals!

Chris S. -
Congratulations on the 1 pound loss and enjoying some fun time with the family! I definitely believe that life should not be put on complete hold for a diet - it's about lifestyle adjustments instead of unrealistic parameters. And it's always a good thing to learn about your triggers...I've got the mexican food thing too but luckily I live in Holland where the mexican is pretty nasty.

Hope & Dear_Abby -
Kudos for maintaining! Let's be honest, that's a victory in itself!

As for me, I weighed in yesterday at 127.8 but today at 128.4. I know this is why you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day but I'm glad I did because seeing that 7 made me happy all day! My dinner last night had a bit of salt and it's time for my monthly visitor, so I have decided to officially ignore today's weigh-in and use yesterday's as my number. I need this cheat for my motivation!
Sara Jane

Age: 33
Height: 5'3''
Current weight: 127.8 (3/20/12)
130.0 (2/29/12)
Start weight: 132.6 (2/17/12)
Goal weight: 120.0 (4/30/12)
Secretly-would-love-to-be: 118.0 (5/5/12)
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