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Morning everyone
looks like everyone handled Easter pretty well...I had given up a few things for lent so this weekend I indulged ,,got over it,,and back on plan once again. Of course the scale is up because of it but Im ok with it...I decided to eat them and planned for wasnt mindless munching. I enjoyed the treats too. I think I will do the same thing for my birthday in well and healthy and then splurge for it. I didnt become obsessive over it either which is a good thing for me!!
Not feeling any food cravings today so thats good! Back to the gym and aquafit tonight as well..those pounds will be gone by this week!!

Crablegs welcome!!! glad you joined us! Congrats on becoming a gramma!!
Erin I think Desertmountain gave you good cant push your SO to do something she isn't ready for. I would ask her to keep her stuff somewhere you wont find it though.
Almeeker considering you had an unplanned dinner I think you did well!! Glad you had a great trip!
Amylee bring something you can have to enjoy! The burger with no bun was a good next time bring some devilled eggs or a salad or veggies and low cal dip and you will feel like your not depriving yourself. Theres lots of low cal desserts you can make as well..and no one is wiser!
Speedy proud of you for leaving that dessert behind!!!

Have a good on plan week everyone...its getting to be shorts weather soon! lets get going
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