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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Good morning all.
For the gazilliunth time I was reminded that the smaller I get, the lower my tolerance for alcohol is ... when will I learn . I don't get roaring headaches anymore, just the spaciest, barely able to focus feeling I have ever experienced.

Some website reminded me that in the race to get calories (glucose, frutose etc) into the blood stream, alcohol is digested first followed by simple carbs, yet another reason for me to limit the beer and wine consumption - talk about empty calories. In any event, beer and wine will certainly be off the table (literally) starting today.

I am so happy to see the 10 to 15 pound team is growing! I will be shooting for 1000 - 1200 cals with a big chunk of it as protein. I think that the first week's presciption calls for no grains at all and very little fruit. Thank heavens for FitDay - I just couldn't do this if I had to record everything by hand.

My Official weigh in is this afternoon, I'll post then.

Choose the foods well, today!
I can relate. I cannot drink either. But that didn't stop me from trying, a couple of weeks ago. I got drunk as a skunk and sick as a dog because it interacted with my Lyrica (somehow I forgot I was on it.) I said I won't do that again!!! Then had half a beer and a tiny bit of port wine at my poker game a week or so later and felt really queasy. Lesson learned, my friends!!! Better choices!!!
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