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I have several I rely on, I am on a mostly vegetarian lifestyle way of eating
1. 1/2 cup of mutli grain or steel cut oats and mix in a low fat or carb free yogurt
2. I also will make a stir fry using Morningstar spicey breakfast sausage patty and green-red peppers add onions and put it into a whole wheat pita pocket. you can also add a fruit to this meal
3. also make a hash using again the Morningstar sausage and chopped up sweet potatoes( I usually cook several earlier in the week )you can also add onions and I also add fresh chunks of pineapple.
4. low sodium cottage cheese with pineapple-cranberries and walnuts or almonds added
5.Hr\ere is a breakfast I fix my sons and husband and they can be made ahead of time and put in microwave the morning you eat them
take eggs-turkey sausage-green-red peppers and a little milk stir together and pour into a muffin pan(spray with cooking spray) and top with low fat cheese cook until done. They can also be frozen to eat later.
6. A breakfast pizza using either an English muffin or pita pocket top with scrambled eggs any veggies you want and top with low fat cheese cook in oven till browned
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