What's for Breakfast??

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I'm also not a fan of Greek yogurt generally, but Yoplait has this new Greek yogurt out that's cherry pomegranate or coconut and I've been really impressed. The coconut one tastes almost like a dessert!

I've also been doing apple pie oatmeal. Cook apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a few stevia. Add whole oats, water, and cook with the apples in a slow cooker. I store this in the fridge (my slow cooker lets me pull out the crock portion) and portion it out each morning with 1/2 c. very vanilla soymilk.
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I have several I rely on, I am on a mostly vegetarian lifestyle way of eating
1. 1/2 cup of mutli grain or steel cut oats and mix in a low fat or carb free yogurt
2. I also will make a stir fry using Morningstar spicey breakfast sausage patty and green-red peppers add onions and put it into a whole wheat pita pocket. you can also add a fruit to this meal
3. also make a hash using again the Morningstar sausage and chopped up sweet potatoes( I usually cook several earlier in the week )you can also add onions and I also add fresh chunks of pineapple.
4. low sodium cottage cheese with pineapple-cranberries and walnuts or almonds added
5.Hr\ere is a breakfast I fix my sons and husband and they can be made ahead of time and put in microwave the morning you eat them
take eggs-turkey sausage-green-red peppers and a little milk stir together and pour into a muffin pan(spray with cooking spray) and top with low fat cheese cook until done. They can also be frozen to eat later.
6. A breakfast pizza using either an English muffin or pita pocket top with scrambled eggs any veggies you want and top with low fat cheese cook in oven till browned
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Lately, two Thomas' multigrain muffins ('light,' which means each muffin is 100 calories). Topped with some soft, unsalted butter. I toast them. Each muffin has 8 grams of fiber, so they are filling.
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I make a frittata this morning with onion, spinach, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It was delicious, high in protein and filled me up. I came across another recipe that calls for adding low fat cottage cheese into the egg mixture for added protein...will have to try that next. Thanks everyone for all of your input, it is much appreciated.

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My go-to breakfast is an egg white scramble with light cheese and spinach on a bagel thin or another low cal, high fiber bread, with a side of fresh fruit. Sometimes in a hurry I'll have a hard boiled egg, fruit and almonds. Another option is a fruit and leafy green smoothie with whey protein. I haven't been much of a breakfast person in the past, but I'm slowly learning to love it.
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I tend to have oats (processed oats for kids... but there's no sugar or salt etc added) with 1% milk and a drizzle of honey OR two eggs scrambled with 1% milk. I do need a bit more variety though...
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I eat 1 slice multigrain bread, 1 tsp peanut butter. coffee black. 1/2 cup of egg whites, 5 oz. tomato juice. plain jane, yes, but it works for me!!

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this morning i had a great breakfast that i'm sure will be on my menu now for quite a while. i had 1/2 cup (measured dry) oatmeal with 1/4 of an apple diced into it. i made it with 3/4 c skim milk and then a splash after cooking. i added some cinnamon and sweetener to it too. delish! then i had 1/2 c cut up strawberries dipped in 1/2 c dannon light & fit vanilla yogurt. it was very filling and very satisfying. speaking of's 2:45 a.m.. only a couple more hours to go til i can have it again!

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I'm terrible about getting up into to make breakfast before getting ready for work. I know i have to put something in my stomach to start the metabolism so i go for a GNC Lean 25 shake. It's got 25 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber so i actually feel pretty full. I try to eat small things every two hours all day.
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I love reading these sorts of threads and seeing all the ideas

I have a fairly sensitive stomach in the morning, if I eat something heavy or big it'll go right through me. About 80% of my mornings start with a 6 oz. container of flavored Greek Yogurt (whatever is on sale - I like all the brands) and that's usually fine for me. I tend to eat lunch fairly early (around noon) and it's enough that I don't need a mid-morning snack. Sometimes I will switch it up and have a high-fiber cereal if the yogurt isn't appealing for whatever reason. If it's not high-fiber though, I'm always starving come 11:00. I think Fiber One is great.

On weekends we tend to brunch and dinner, so brunch itself is usually larger. Very common for me to have two eggs (over-easy, normally) with 3 pieces of bacon on a lightly buttered bagel thin or toast as long as we're eating after 10:30 or so. Sometimes turkey sausage is added if I'm feeling really hungry, and if we have any fresh fruit in the house it'll come out. Not uncommon for me to go 500 cals on brunch, but I also won't eat again until dinner
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