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On a school day I like to have a pretty light and fast breakfast. Usually I'll have a cup of Kashi Go Lean or 1/4 cup (dry) of plain oat groats. In case you haven't tried 'em, oat groats are non-cut steel cut oats and they have a texture similar to barley. If i soak the oats in the fridge overnight, they cook in about 20-25 minutes while I'm getting ready to go. Often my breakfasts end up being two-parters on either side of my early morning class (I always think of "second breakfast" from Lord of the Rings ). The second part will usually be a refill on coffee and some Greek yogurt. This lasts me until around 1:30 or so when I like to have lunch. I wish I could eat more eggs for breakfast, but I'm kind of allergic. On weekends I like to cook baked sweet potatoes (cut into medallions) for breakfast or make a really decadent pot of oatmeal with apples, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and whatever else. Sometimes I top it with a little butter -- just like grandma used to make!
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