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Vickey - thank you for the kind words - not just the ones towards me, but for all the positive things you said for everybody. It's always appreciated to read encouraging words. You definitely have some challenges to face when it comes to this healthy lifestyle business - perhaps even more than your fair share; I was sorry to read of your troubles. Props to you for keeping a great attitude and for doing your best to incorporate balance in your life despite those troubles - that in itself is quite a feat.
I need to go workout, and I will, but am feeling pretty "blah" on all my workout at home options. May be time for a new DVD - figured I'd look at Cathe Friedrich's site and check out her new low-impact stuff. No, not an intentional plug; I just love her. But for today, I need to pick something from what I already have. Meh, I hate these days when I definitely feel like working out, but don't really feel like doing any of my options. Ha, I need to stop whining and just do something - if there's one thing to learn from Vickey's post, it's to be gracious for all of our abilities (not whine about them!). Until next time!
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