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Default Partition your carb and fat intake

Originally Posted by jacquelinepaterson View Post
I was told I could increase my weight loss by increasing fibre intake. My weight loss has stalled over the last couple of days and I don't know why. Although the dietary changes I made are for life, I still also have a goal I must meet.

I'm going to have a tough time with the concept of increasing calories to lose weight but I'm going to give it a shot. That means a jump from 900 cal per day to 1444. Gotta try something different....I can't stall after only 4 weeks.

Any advice on how to get my weight loss revved up again?

Women in particular may "stall out" for a couple of days naturally, then get back on track... periodically. It's not indicative of anything you're doing wrong per se, it's just bound to happen every now and then.

I honestly think 900 calories is too few for anyone. 1200 calorie should be a minimum. If you're going to add around 500 calories though, might I suggest adding them as protein and fat? Furthermore, may I suggest altering your meals slightly such that you are not eating a quantity of carb and fat at the same time?

The rationale here is that when you eat carb in quantity, your insulin levels jump to try to shuttle away all that carb out of your bloodstream and into the tissues where it is used for energy. However, the body can only process one type of macronutrient at a time. Another function of insulin is to shuttle away the fat that you eat directly into your bodily fat stores, instead of to your liver to be processed into ketones, which are then used for energy. So just partitioning your carb and fat intake may provide an extra boost to fat loss you won't be storing as much fat as you are burning.

With protein, you can eat it with carb or fat, just be sure to eat it with something because the body has a hard time absorbing plain protein. It's called "rabbit starvation," and it comes from times when explorers in the arctic ate tons of lean rabbit meat and still managed to show signs of starvation.


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