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Elderwanda-you'd think they'd want to advertise how few calories were in their 'skinny' versions. That's so weird that it's not on their website since they're so popular at Starbucks.

I'm with you Almeeker-It's a huge hit in the morning (1/4 of my daily calories) and I've been a dyed in the wool Starbucks addict for years & years. Buying bags of their beans and making your own to control the calories & fat grams is better IMO-it just takes more time but it will also save you tons of money. I asked them why coffee beans purchased at the Starbucks stores vs grocery store bags of Starbucks tastes so different even with the same names (Breakfast Blend, etc) & was told that corporate does a different roast with different beans for the bagged beans sold at their stores.I guess to keep us coming into the stores?
BTW, lowfat milk foams up just as nicely at home with a small expresso machine. I used to be hooked on half & half but slowly weaned myself off of it by using whole milk, then 2% and now am using 1% & will go fatfree next. I'm not sure if fat free foams with home units or not, but would imagine that it would. The calories & fat grams add up fast.
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