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I've been following the primal blue print since the beginning of October. I've lost 24 pounds, am getting nicely defined, have great energy levels and feel great! All my clothes are baggy on me. Some of them are getting to the point where they look like clown clothes. I'm holding off on getting a new wardrobe until my weight levels off. It just keeps coming off, slow and steady.

I'm a little better than 80/20, probably more like 90/10. Exercise wise I'm following the primal blue print to a tee: sprinting once a week, intense weights once or twice (following the Primal Blue print Fitness pdf you can get from Mark's site), long walks 3 or 4 days a week, and play with my 6 year old daughter as much as possible. Oh, and I usually go to a one hour yoga class once a week, which is not PB, but hey, I like it!

I tracked my diet on for 10 days. I was pretty meticulous about it, even measuring the individual components of my dishes before I mixed them together, and then recording each component. I also included my supplements: 1 fish oil pill taken daily, and then on alternating days a Vitamin D pill and a multivitamin (for example, vitamin D on Mon, wed, fri, and the multivitamin on tues, thur, sat, and so on). Check it out:

I also tracked my exercise over the 10 day span. For this first one, disregard the dates prior to 1/23. 1/23 was the first day I started recording the data:

Please critique. Thanks!
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