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Thanks fit4luv. I hope we can all work toward our goals here.

One of the things that's really hurtful and what I was trying to get at through this thread was that most people who have never been fat really don't understand it.

When I was of normal size I used to think that to get fat people had to gorge themselves on food and never exercise. I didn't realize eating three normal sized meals a day and a couple of snacks could supersize you, but it can, if the right foods aren't chosen. The problem is it's the unhealthy foods that are often convenient, inexpensive, and perceived as being more tasty.

Thin people think that fat people just sit around and gorge on cookies and ice cream all day. The truth is that you don't even have to overeat to get overfat.

It's all about choosing the right foods, which isn't always inexpensive or convenient, and you may have to acquire tastes for some healthy foods. In the long run though you save so much more from both doctor bills you won't have plus just having a better quality of life if you eat more healthily.

Thin people see fat people and say we're disgusting, lazy, ugly, etc. My sister used to hit me on the arm and say "That doesn't hurt, you're too fat for it to hurt". Now she's a little chubby herself and having to watch what she eats, so she has a much better attitude.

Nevertheless it hurts to know so many people will look at us and judge us simply based on our weight. We're human beings at any size.

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