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I'm with you; I need a reboot, too . This year, I'm finding that what worked before isn't really working for me now, so I'll put out a few tried and true goals and also some new thoughts and see what sticks.

Part of the problem is letting myself get too hungry.
Part of the problem is slipping with borderline treats (frozen yogurt, granola bars, chocolate Vitatops etc.) that are fine when in maintenance but are turning out to be huge triggers these days.
Part of the problem is skipping workouts because of not having energy, not having time, and the cancellation of my cardio class .
*Insert Mike's "Hey, Fattie, Excuses..." thread here.* None of these is an excuse.

1. 1350 calorie limit daily.
2. Limit processed foods.
3. 2 sports bottles of water...don't count tea, flavored water, etc.
4. Exercise 6 times.
5. Log everything (even the small stuff: cough drops, vitamins...).
6. Do at least one journal entry in FD daily.
7. Take all vitamins and supplements.
8. No treats passing as snacks (see above).

And: Something wonderful that happened to me today was:

Some food for thought: I had a really good day yesterday and felt more in control than I had in a long time. I eliminated all processed foods/artificial ingredients for an entire day. It was a good shake up to the system, but it's not practical for every day, especially for this busy week coming up. That being said, I want to get as close as I can. It was really a wakeup call to realize that even though I don't "cook from a box," so to speak, even things that I eat all the time that I consider relatively healthy (low carb tortillas, yogurt, reduced fat cheese, WW pasta, deli turkey) are processed.

Good luck to you, Amy, and to everyone else jumping in today. We can do this, and we will .

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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