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Well, the problem is, I don't work in a traditional office...I work in the camera room of a department store, watching surveillance cameras. Everything I need except a bathroom is right there within reach, from printer to minifridge and microwave. There are no alternatives, I'm required to be at that desk for pretty much my whole shift except a few bathroom breaks and those have to be approved by the store manager (that can be fun when I have a stomach problem...) so taking the long way to do something isn't an option. As for a ball, the boss just flat said no. We have a standard issue company chair and that is what we darned well use because regulations say we use it. The only reason I think I could get away with the pedals is the fact that the boss wouldn't ever see them or realize they're there.

I guess I'll stick with getting up and dancing to crazy music while I'm not actively following any suspicious people, lol...
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