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Hellgamatic 01-07-2012 12:43 AM

Ways to exercise at a desk?
I work 10-12 hour days at a desk, with just one hour-long break for lunch, which I generally spend walking...however, I feel like all that time at the desk is just totally wasted! I keep looking for ideas on how to exercise at a desk and all I find is stretching (I do enough of that, and really, stretching isn't exercise!) or sitting on a ball, which I am not allowed to try at my workplace. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of maybe getting one of those stationary pedal sets that you can put under your desk and pedal all day like you're on a bike...but I'm not sure the boss would be okay with that. Any other ideas? :/

dear_abby 01-07-2012 12:50 PM

are you hands on a keyboard all day? If not, while you are on the phone, get a head set and do curls with dumb bells.

Use the printer on the third floor (this was one of my tricks, but now, we're no longer affiliated with that office, and got a printer of our own!)

Stand up and pace to read documents (I did this yesterday when I was falling asleep on a really boring document!)

BRBare617 01-07-2012 06:59 PM

well a ball should be allowed at an office, if your boss is worried about it going all over the place you can get stabilisers.
a good simple way to help burn some extral Kcals is you can take a towel into to work and roll it up (has to be a bit of a heft towel) and place it behind your back as you sit to work. It will make you sit up and have a good curve in your back, engage your muscles and help with any posture problems.

Hellgamatic 01-08-2012 05:47 AM

Well, the problem is, I don't work in a traditional office...I work in the camera room of a department store, watching surveillance cameras. Everything I need except a bathroom is right there within reach, from printer to minifridge and microwave. There are no alternatives, I'm required to be at that desk for pretty much my whole shift except a few bathroom breaks and those have to be approved by the store manager (that can be fun when I have a stomach problem...) so taking the long way to do something isn't an option. As for a ball, the boss just flat said no. We have a standard issue company chair and that is what we darned well use because regulations say we use it. The only reason I think I could get away with the pedals is the fact that the boss wouldn't ever see them or realize they're there.

I guess I'll stick with getting up and dancing to crazy music while I'm not actively following any suspicious people, lol...

BRBare617 01-08-2012 10:12 AM

well have a go at the towel thing, It's an excersise my physiotherapist gave me and it really works to help trim down.

Hellgamatic 01-09-2012 12:18 AM

Where on the back do I put the towel roll? Low, like lumbar support, or high? I will try tomorrow :)

BRBare617 01-09-2012 07:21 AM

put it where a little lowerthan where your back curves naturally, hope it helps.

almeeker 01-09-2012 11:12 AM

If you do a Google search for seated exercise, you'll get a ton of workouts. Most of them are fairly short, but will bring on a sweat.

stringmusicianer 01-09-2012 05:07 PM

I use a desk bike. I work at home, so no boss to tell me I can't, fortunately. It's a great way to burn calories and keep up some activity even when you have to stay in the same place. With mine I need pretty good clearance under the desk, though, or to be able to move it out from under the desk. I have been happy with it.

Good luck. Sounds like you put in some long days. Your boss should understand you will feel better if you can move around some.

wildbeanerz 01-09-2012 06:37 PM

I wish that I could do some desk exercise but with windows on 2 sides of my office and sales people and customers coming in anytime of the day I would be totally embarrassed if I were to get caught!

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