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Originally Posted by BarbaraMS View Post
Another recommendation I have and would love to see is to fix the "you have reached maximum limit of food allowed". Please expand the amount of foods one is allowed to add,
Being able to add 50 foods a day to the Food Journal seems more than adequate. If you're having difficulty staying under the 50 items total, perhaps generating some recipes, then adding them in would do the trick.

How to generate a recipe with FitDay online

Originally Posted by BarbaraMS View Post
and most importantly please make sure that the system recognized that you have in fact deleted a food item, and therefore you should be able to add another item back. Many times it says "you have reached the limit", when I only want to add one more food. Instead of allowing me to just remove one, I have to delete about 15 foods to accommodate the one I wanted to add. Even after I have deleted 7 items that I had already added, it still says "maximum limit reached" when I try to add back one (after deleting more than 6). I am sure this is an easy fix as well, and would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!!!
Well, using a test account, I just reached the 50 items limit for the daily Food Journal. I then deleted one item, and was able to enter one back with no problem. So it looks like this has been fixed.

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