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Lightbulb Suggestion for Fit Day Improvement

Good morning! I track my food on here every day and have two suggestions that I think would make the task a little easier overall. I think it would be great if the food log was a little more organized, i.e. maybe divide it into sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks (still all on the same log, just marked where one ends and another begins). I think it would be easier to review at the end of the day if you could clearly see what you ate for each meal. I often add foods that I plan to eat during the day and then change my mind and add new foods. So at the end of the day my meals are all mixed together. As for removing foods from my log, I think a check box removal system would be awesome, just like the one for adding foods, where you can check everything you want and then add them all at the same time. Sometimes when I have four or five foods to remove it's a pain to do it one at a time. Just a couple suggestions!! Thanks!
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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your feedback!

Realistically, I doubt your first request is going to happen (I think it would be really complex to program) but as a workaround some folks create one or more "fake" custom food(s) and enter it where desired between actual food items such as:

---------- BREAKFAST --------
----------- LUNCH ----------
Double Whopper w/Cheese

and so forth.

As to your second request, that would be a nice time saver.

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Actually Mike, I don't think it's that complicated, I can do it simply enough with my excel program, and unfortunately for fitday most of the competitor site do have it. It would be really helpful, especially on days when I need a lunch or dinner to fit around an unplanned snack and I only have so many calories left for the day. Also one feature I don't see on the competitor sites is the pie chart for each meal. If that could be combined with the meal separation so I could tell the program, okay I need a meal with 30% protein, 40% carbs and it has to be under 350 calorie, now that would be a great feature. Maybe in addition to custom foods we could have "custom meals" as a feature?
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Default PC program too small to read

I like the on-line program, because I can scroll the font to enlarge for my old eyes. Couldn't do that with the PC download. Otherwise love the program is offline  
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I would also love to see a search option for my custom foods. I've been using fitday off and on for 3+ years, and I have A LOT of custom foods entered. I try to organize and name them in streamlined way for easy adding, but I still sometimes have a hard time finding things that I know are there.

I'm also bummed that the graphs for tracking weight and measurements will only go back 12 months. I can still look back at past weight/measurements/etc., but not in graph format, and I'm a graph kind of girl!

All in all, I love fitday, but I would love to see a few updates and tweaks that would help us fitday veterans manage our years of data.
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They definitely need an improved search function, as right now it's very hard to find simple foods. I also wish they listed more simple dishes. They have all these super-specific foods like "Soup, PROGRESSO HEALTHY CLASSICS CHICKEN RICE WITH VEGETABLES, canned, ready-to-serve." But I can't find simpler things like just plain chicken and vegetables (without sauces or anything like that).
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Tell you what would be handy, though I'm sure it'll never happen. The ability to filter out certain foods so that you never have to sift through them. For instance, in my case I'd filter out all animal foods and cooked veg, since they always assume fat and salt in the cooking and I just use the raw veg data instead. Probably the branded products, if I could figure out a way to do it, since we don't have the same brands in the UK.
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I have been using FitDay for just a few days and agree with a few of the posters. 1. Organizing by meals would make it easier for me to see what I'm doing at each meal. One of the posters is correct that competing sites have this (ie MyFitnessPal). I should be eating 6x per day and it's far better to see what I'm doing at each meal as well as totals. I also agree that being able to create a meal for things that I eat the same way would save a lot of time. There are certain things I have for breakfast every morning and I eat them exactly the same way. On another site I was able to create a meal by adding the four ingredients I use consistently. Each day I can simply select the meal, drop it into "which meal" (ie breakfast) and I'm done. Your suggestion to create a "custom food" as a meal is far too time consuming. I am already struggling with spending too much time creating foods right now to have to create a meal by trying to figure out all of the ingredients, put it in a spreadsheet so as to aggregate all the data to create one single "custom food meal". I also agree that introducing consistency in adding and removing items from the journal using checkboxes would be very beneficial. I, too, have had to go back and delete a few items and add them back, far too time consuming. I really like all of the stats this system can generate including the graphs however I'm finding the overall learning and setting up curve to be very steep as compared with others I've tried.
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Conversely, I would just like to put in my 2 cents asking FitDay to NOT separate the foods into meals. This is my first day using FitDay- my fiance suggested it after I voiced my frustration with the WebMD weight loss planner. I found that having everything in "meal zones" (on WebMD) made everything that much more complicated. If my first meal is at noon, and is a banana, is that breakfast? Lunch? My mid-morning snack? And if I have a bowl of cereal an hour after that, should I put it in the breakfast slot? I found I was trying to disregard the entire "meal zones" anyway, which created yet more problems. Hurray for FitDay, that recognizes not everyone eats the same way throughout the day!
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Now that I've been trying this for 3 weeks would like to see a tracking space in Custom Food for Folic Acid and Pantothenic Acid. is offline  

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