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I thought I had replied, but I guess not.

thanks for the welcome back, Tori!

I will ask about the non generic thyroid meds. my doc said we may have to try some less used brand ... the tricky part is, the levothroid will work for a few weeks, TSH will be normal, and then all of a sudden the numbers are skewed again. I was on 112mcg this year with a TSH of .98 ... then a few months go by and the TSH is at 18. up the levothroid, bring the TSH down to .88 and now we are at 11. it makes no sense. I tried to get the doctor to supplement with a T3, but those levels are within normal range :/

unfortunately, this is effecting more than my weight ... acne, cramping, extremely dry skin, anemia, cholesterol ... the only positive out of all this? I haven't had a migraine since March! lol
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