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diane rene 12-07-2011 05:08 PM

back again
good morning from southern california :cool:

my name is diane and I'm back to fitday, once again ... although, I don't remember there being forums here the last time (it's been years - lol)

back in 2003 I lost 40 pounds ... I found fitday sometime in 2006 (I think) and worked on losing a little more. in 2009 I had a total thyroidectomy and since then I have gained most of it back. I have been all over the charts with my meds and TSH levels, and while I didn't want to believe it, it has made losing this weight a ginormous challenge.

I'm hoping if I start logging it all again I can find something that works. my metabolism is going to be crazy as long as the doc is trying to find the right dosage of levothroid, but I can't sit around and wait for that perfect fit any longer ... and I figured a little company along the journey might be nice too ;)

ToriD1012 12-07-2011 05:48 PM

I would say welcome, but I'll amend it and say Welcome Back! Sorry to hear you had to have the thyroidectomy. I treated my hyperthroid with the radioiodine and it took almost 2 years to find the right dosage of levothroxine. I've only recently been cleared by my endocrinologist as being in the "normal" range, so I figured why not try and lose some weight, I knew it was pretty much a hopeless cause until my TSH levels were normal. I'm not one of those people who gain my sense of self worth from my looks or my weight. I've always been a bigger person, and honestly, being fat didn't/doesn't bother me. I am who I am, big or little I'm going to be the same person, and I LIKE who I am. I started my journey because, simply stated, I'm just not healthy. And if I can fix that, then I'll be an even better person than I already am (there is no vanity in my house, I have it all ;) )

You said that you're all over the charts with your meds and TSH levels....what meds does your doctor have you on? I tried the generics for about a year and had to switch to the name brand. The generic just didn't work for me. Having a leeway of 12% in strength just didn't work. I may have to spend a little bit more a month for the name brand drug, but I know that I'm getting the correct dose. And even after switching to the named it took almost 8 months to get my levels normal. It's just one option to talk to your doctor about.

Good luck on your journey. Jump straight into the discussions and make yourself at home.

diane rene 12-08-2011 05:12 AM

I thought I had replied, but I guess not.

thanks for the welcome back, Tori!

I will ask about the non generic thyroid meds. my doc said we may have to try some less used brand ... the tricky part is, the levothroid will work for a few weeks, TSH will be normal, and then all of a sudden the numbers are skewed again. I was on 112mcg this year with a TSH of .98 ... then a few months go by and the TSH is at 18. up the levothroid, bring the TSH down to .88 and now we are at 11. it makes no sense. I tried to get the doctor to supplement with a T3, but those levels are within normal range :/

unfortunately, this is effecting more than my weight ... acne, cramping, extremely dry skin, anemia, cholesterol ... the only positive out of all this? I haven't had a migraine since March! lol

ToriD1012 12-08-2011 03:28 PM

I completely understand. My TSH levels did the same thing. I'd be normal for 2-3 months and then BLAM all screwy again. It's incredibly frustrating. You just have to stick with it. I had all the same side effects as you except for the cholesterol problems. I'd have such severe cramps in the strangest of places LOL. I'd bend over to tie mt shoes and get a cramp in my side, or I'd yawn and get a cramp in my neck. It was so bizarre. Thankfully since I've leveled out they have gone away, although I still suffer with the occasional migraine. I am currently taking .175 mcg of Synthroid instead of the genetics and it took about 6 months to find the right dosage of it. My doctor told me that she's never not been able to normalize someone's levels like she couldn't mine. I had to be that one unique case :p I normally pride myself in my uniqueness, this was not one of those times. I hope you can get it all figured out. The Serenity Prayer helps in times like these. Control what you can, have patience you'll get it figured

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