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Originally Posted by lemmondrops View Post
I am stuck and not losing any more weight. I lost 7 lbs the first week, and nothing since. Finishing up my third week. Not really losing inches either. My one fault is fast food (cheeseburgers with no bun - hardees and wendys). They say they are only 5 carbs, but not sure. What am I doing wrong or is that the problem. I just want to see 1 lb a week coming off. Something. I have heard to excercise and not to exercise. Really need to do this...
If you are doing low carb, cheeseburgers are fine (without the bun). The carbs come in on the vegetables and cheese. But, you can't just low carb and continue to lose weight. Low-carbing is fine to lose the first few pounds because you are losing the last gained and it's easier. To lose the next 10 lbs and the next...and the next, you need a plan.

For low-carbing, South Beach is good, Lindora Clinic is better, and Atkins is probably the best. South Beach allows too many grains from the beginning (in my opinion) and weight loss is slower. The Lindora Clinic allows too many carbs in the beginning (in my opinion) but is paired with exercise from the beginning, so you lose faster than on the South Beach Diet. Atkins (again, in my opinion) is the best--because you start out with only 20 net carbs per day and work up gradually until you find the maximum number of carbs your body can handle and still lose weight.

READ THE BOOK! My weight-loss group is re-reading The New Atkins for a New You. You'd be amazed at the most recent research.

I have tried each of these, starting with Atkins in 1978. I always end up back on Atkins because it works better. But, I was not always doing it for weight loss--I was hypoglycemic for 32 years and had to watch carbs in order to control my blood sugar. That's a little different than needing to lose weight--though I could and did lose the weight I needed to lose any time I went back to the specific plan instead of just 'low-carbing.'

If you want support, go to facebook and search "lo-carb, low carb, and Atkins." You will find support groups there. Remember that each person's body is different--do some research and find out what low-carb plan will be best for you.
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