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Originally Posted by james.mueller View Post
I tend to use the same Food diet for 7 days a week with some minor adjustments in quantity. With that said it would be nice to have a copy or duplicate function that allows you to select what day you want to duplicate. I find that i have to reenter things daily and it's currently time consuming.
AMEN! I have the same breakfast 7 days a week, the same lunch 5 days a week (different each week), and the same dinner 2 or 3 nights in a row. Using the "recent foods" helps, but it would be nice to transfer 'meals.'

It would also be nice to have things entered at the same time grouped into a meal--so that I could see the number of carbs (or calories or whatever) for each meal and snack separately--with a total at the end of the day.

PS: My diabetes doctor loves the fitday reports. The nutrients graph matched my bloodwork and she was very impressed.

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