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Originally Posted by Fit4meee View Post
So I've noticed that I'm consistently low on calcium and I was wondering if you have some advice on getting my 100%! (I don't like milk/soy/tofu )
Yikes, that seems to eliminate lots of sources, I eat quite a lot of greek yogurt, seems to be my primary food source.

At least take a hardcore calcium supplement. I've been on depo-provera for a long time, and on top of always having had bird bones, I don't screw around- I take a liquid supplement that also contains zinc and magnesium (and a seperate vitamin D supplement)- all of which are vital to absorbing it properly.

Oh, and this is weird, but canned fish! Once in a while I buy canned salmon, and it is a random great source of calcium because due to the canning process, the bones are kept in the fish, but are so soft they're undetectable, you just eat it along with the fish and don't notice.
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