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How much weight have you lost?

Lost 65 Lbs. two years ago, then gained it all back. Starting over.

How long have you been a FitDay member?

I lost track, your message board says 2010, but that's way off. I think I joined around 2005 or so, maybe earlier.

What motivated you to start using FitDay?

I've always tracked my calories when trying to lose weight. this goes back 20 years or more. I used to use a sophisticated spreadsheet/workbook that not only tracked the items you track here, but graphed out many of the same graphs you do. I looked for a long time for an online tracker that was convenient and useful, and when I finally found FD, It was the tracker I was looking for. Frankly, just the ability to quickly grab recent foods is an enormous convenience. I tend to stick to a consistent set of foods that work for me.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to loose weight, or is considering signing up for FitDay?

Have faith that the math works!!! And of course enter everything. All else is rationalization, to which we are all prone. Calories in, calories out. Frankly, I think that should be THE key feature of the homepage or dashboard: a longterm graph that shows net calories in/out by day, and weight. It drives home the point, motivates, and disallows rationalization.

What is your favorite FitDay feature?

Recent foods, and ability to select multiple foods (wish you could do this from recent foods pull-down, and nut just when you go to the historical recent foods page). Also like the graphing, but which this could be made much more full-featured. Why not have one main graphing page, where we can toggle on/off the fields we want graphed, and input the dates we want? (I find the historical data limited and difficult to access and I'm not sure why that has to be). At the very least, for data geeks like me, an ability to download to excel on all pages would be great.

How has FitDay changed your eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits?

It keeps me honest. I can tell you how many calories is in just about any food you name after a lifetime of calorie counting, but it still gets away from me on any given day if I don't add it all up. Seeing it in bold print also helps me recognize when I need to up my protein intake, which can be difficult, and also increase my fat consumption, which I tend to under-consume if not tracked.
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