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Originally Posted by helveticat View Post
I'm not much of a cigar man but whiskey is my weight loss secret weapon. One or two measures will last me the same time as 3-4 glasses of wine or Lord knows how many beers.

My current tipple is this gorgeous Welsh single malt: Penderyn Distillery | Madeira finished single malt Welsh whisky: Penderyn Welsh Whiskies Online Shop

Weight loss 'secret weapon' eh? Never thought of it like that, but you've got a point!

Not familiar with Penderyn but I'll have to see what the reviews are. I'm partial to The Glenlivet, 15 French Oak Reserve. I really enjoy the mellowness and slight oaky flavor. Nothing like it on a cold winters night kickin back relaxin' and sipping some good Scotch.

And I'm not really a cigar person either, never have been. But pipes, yeah man. A cigar is a cigar but comparing it to pipe tobacco is like going from black and white TV to color high definition.

And pipes are one of the last bastions of a man's world.

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