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It's really challenging to avoid all GMO foods but like you said if we try at least its healthier than not caring at all. I have discovered in my quest to remove gmo that it has eliminated 90% of processed foods so very helpful to my weight loss. Corn,soybean and canola are in most foods so total avoidance is really hard but if we avoid those middle isles of the grocery store we are well on our way. I am a big organic supporter but I will also choose local as the cost can be lower and their are advantages to buying local. I do believe the more of us that choose organic the better the pricing will become but you are right we have to shop wisely and within our budget. I am happy that more people seem to be questioning GMO and thinking organically I really believe we need to take our food rights back from large corporations. I also hope that my new thinking with GMO foods will help maintain my weight loss this time around as it's changed the way I shop and eat.
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