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Originally Posted by jen39376 View Post
I am not looking for a slow process diet, I want it over!!

It will never be over, you have to maintain for the rest of your life, which will always mean watching calories to some degree. You can eat a bit more on maintenance than when you're actively trying to lose, but only a bit. The sooner you accept this the sooner you can work on lifestyle changes you can live with for as long as you live.

I know it’s not the “healthy” way
You admit this and yet you still want to do it? The minimum for women is usually 1200 calories, for men 1500 calories, and if you have an active lifestyle you may need more. Personally I tend to average around 1400 but I have days when I go higher and I've lost 60 lbs. already since last summer.

If you're not willing to do the work and wait for it then you will regain the weight later. You can't just go back to eating 'normal' and expect not to be at the size you were before. Then all that strain was put on your body for no good reason.

but I am not starving myself or fasting so how unhealthy can it be?
Really? Does your body know that?

So if anyone can help me out with the carb to fat ratio, I would be so grateful, I have gone on so many websites researching that I am more confused then ever.
Go eat an avocado for goodness sakes.
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