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Originally Posted by bananarama84 View Post
...I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for someone who is prone to rationalization and giving up...

Ideally I'd like to lose the 40 pounds I've put on slowly since freshman year of college 8 years ago...

...Does anyone have any tips for staying on track and keeping focus in the long run? My mind plays tricks on me -- I know I can gain control if I can find a way to train myself for success, I just don't know how....

Yes. Look at the long term situation here. You probably "give up" because you are thinking too short term and get frustrated with your results.

You can lose your 40 pounds. People on this site have lost HUNDREDS. I myself am getting close to losing 30 and I'm a lot older than you. You can do it!

Gaining control is what we do here. It's calorie tracking. You have all the tools and resources that you need to be successful. There are no gimmicks here, just plain honesty (don't cheat yourself) and determination. "Training yourself for success" is to become educated. Read the forums. Ask questions. Stick around and join the ladies support group. And read the FitDay Articles, they are second to none!

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