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i had a pretty up and down week too. Did ok towards the end of last week, put on a bridal shower Saturday and didn't go off the deep and, but swayed a bit, ate out too much on Sunday and rededicated myself Monday. I did an intermitten fast with yoga/meditation 3-4 times yesterday. That always clears my body and head and today i feel great and ready to start a new week. As far as measurements, My hips seem to be getting a little smaller, lost another half inch and am down to 42 inches. My weight is still the same (darn 160's are still hiding!), but I feel stronger and the scale/body monitor that I have says my muscle % is getting higher. I don't know if that's why i'm not seeing the lb's drop, or if I should invest much thought into what the scale says as far as %'s. Either way, I feel great today and am ready to go again.

Hope everyone has a stellar week!
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