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cjohnson728 03-16-2010 04:18 AM

5-15 Pound Club Weekly Check-In for 3/16
Hope everyone had a wonderful week! If you did, here's the place to share it. If you didn't, this is also the place :o. No rules, just post what matters.

Built 03-16-2010 10:22 AM

slow, but steady
All in all, it's been a pretty good week...

Dec. 28
128.8 pounds
chest: 34.5"; waist: 29.5"; hips: 33.5"; thigh: 20.5"

Mar. 15
122.3 pounds
chest: 34", waist: 27"; hips: 33"; thigh: 19.75"

Flossing 5/7 nights.

Side Note: This might sound kind of hokie, but I've been telling the parts of my body that I've been critical of that I love them (thanks, Stacey!) and appreciate them. Yup, wide feet, love you (without you I'd have a hard time walking), skin that still breaks out occasionally, love you (you help regulate my temperature and with your thousands of nerves, warn me of possible danger), small breasts, love you (did a great job nurturing my babies when they were newborns). Still working on those finger nails!

missmatch76 03-16-2010 11:14 AM

Am 143.6lbs, a loss of 1.4lbs from last week.

Ate my weeks worth of calories over the weekend, but I was on holiday! The scales didn't go up tho.... yet! :/

Back to the grind stone... ;)

mambogirl81 03-16-2010 11:51 AM

Good morning!

After not losing anything for last weeks weigh in, I had to get on and off the scale a dozen times this morning to see if I was seeing things right. I am down 4 pounds this week! Hopefully it isn't all just water weight that has been hanging around. Whatever it is , I'll take it.:p

Jan 1, 143
March 11, 138
March 16 , 134

Hope everyone had a good week.

agarner3706 03-16-2010 12:21 PM

I'm a little frustrated this week. I was at 147 at last weeks weigh in, but for some reason went up to 148 by Thursday even though I've been in my range all week. I'm back to 147 this morning, I don't know, maybe water weight? I'm due for my visitor in about 4 days. Ugh! I'll post my measurements a little later. I'm off to take the kiddos to school. I just have to keep on keepin' on I guess:)

agarner3706 03-16-2010 01:13 PM are the measurements.

Neck 13.25/12.75
Bicep 11.75/11
Forearm 9.25/9
Chest 36.25/33
Waist 33/32
Hips 39/36.75
Thigh 22.75/21
Calf 14/14

Pretty excited about the chest and hips. Can't wait to see everyone else's results!

Built 03-16-2010 01:31 PM

Mambo: Woo Hoo, girl! So happy for you to see your hard work is paying dividends!:D

Andrea: Fantastic job on the chest and hips!!! Perfect example of how the scale doesn't always tell us the truth about our progress. Congrats!

cjohnson728 03-16-2010 02:18 PM

Ups and Downs
Great job, Beth; you could be singing my song on the skin and small chest measurements!

Andrea, mambo, missmatch, glad to see that you are seeing results as well either on the scale or with the measurements. And, yes, Andrea, it could very well be water weight; I usually start with an extra pound or two the week before and progress to three pounds during that week, so I actually skip weighing that week to avoid freaking myself out.

Okay, the results:

I didn't measure when I started, but from 2 weeks ago I have lost a half inch each from waist, hips, and thigh.

I have really mixed emotions today. As of this morning I am at the weight I set for my goal, 115 (lost 15 lbs. since Jan 5:)). Somehow I thought that once I got to this weight, my body would magically rearrange myself into perfect form and I would be completely content.


I am ecstatic about the way everything looks but my thighs (maybe a tiny bit of the belly and the bottom). Is it because that's the last place to lose the fat? Goodness knows I've been working out enough!

So I'm trying to decide if I should drop maybe two more pounds and see if there are any changes. I know I can't "spot reduce" them and I feel like I can maintain the calorie restriction, though it is harder to have a deficit now that I am smaller overall and not burning as many.

I'm pretty proud overall that I got to this point, anyway. The only other time I was at this weight was after my dad died and I was so stressed and sad that I didn't eat. It feels good to be here toned and healthy instead of floppy and depleted. There is also a really good feeling that I did one I can own my success (and also give kudos and thanks to you ladies who supported me on both tough days and good ones).

Sorry for rambling on...just trying to think it through by getting it out there, I guess :o.

quinnesec 03-16-2010 02:37 PM

A Week of Lessons Learned
As far as weight and maintenance, I am up 1 pound from last week but had a little wiggle room for just such emergencies! :) Not bad since I wasn't feeling well and pretty inactive for a couple days. And then, had the stress of remodeling (long days, not eating in proper balance).

I learned so much about why I eat and when. I guess it seems obvious, but I was actually able to watch myself behave badly when I was over tired (I deserve to eat because I worked hard), when I'm sick (I deserve to eat because I feel like crap), and when I'm stressed (I deserve to eat because I bit my tongue and had patience with my elderly mother).

Being able to recognize this, I will now work on substituting food with something else. Not the mani/pedi, massage kind of girl. I've been the family and extended family nurturer/caregiver for so long that I don't remember what I like anymore. Time to find out.

So, this weeks goal is to find an alternative instant gratification to replace food. Any suggestions, let me know!

Thanks for letting me figure all this out in a post. Somehow, it seems more clear when you see it in writing. And thank you all for another week of your support and great advice. You'll never know how much it has helped me. :)


mcestnik 03-16-2010 02:38 PM

i had a pretty up and down week too. Did ok towards the end of last week, put on a bridal shower Saturday and didn't go off the deep and, but swayed a bit, ate out too much on Sunday and rededicated myself Monday. I did an intermitten fast with yoga/meditation 3-4 times yesterday. That always clears my body and head and today i feel great and ready to start a new week. As far as measurements, My hips seem to be getting a little smaller, lost another half inch and am down to 42 inches. My weight is still the same (darn 160's are still hiding!), but I feel stronger and the scale/body monitor that I have says my muscle % is getting higher. I don't know if that's why i'm not seeing the lb's drop, or if I should invest much thought into what the scale says as far as %'s. Either way, I feel great today and am ready to go again.

Hope everyone has a stellar week!

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