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Question Ups and Downs

Great job, Beth; you could be singing my song on the skin and small chest measurements!

Andrea, mambo, missmatch, glad to see that you are seeing results as well either on the scale or with the measurements. And, yes, Andrea, it could very well be water weight; I usually start with an extra pound or two the week before and progress to three pounds during that week, so I actually skip weighing that week to avoid freaking myself out.

Okay, the results:

I didn't measure when I started, but from 2 weeks ago I have lost a half inch each from waist, hips, and thigh.

I have really mixed emotions today. As of this morning I am at the weight I set for my goal, 115 (lost 15 lbs. since Jan 5). Somehow I thought that once I got to this weight, my body would magically rearrange myself into perfect form and I would be completely content.


I am ecstatic about the way everything looks but my thighs (maybe a tiny bit of the belly and the bottom). Is it because that's the last place to lose the fat? Goodness knows I've been working out enough!

So I'm trying to decide if I should drop maybe two more pounds and see if there are any changes. I know I can't "spot reduce" them and I feel like I can maintain the calorie restriction, though it is harder to have a deficit now that I am smaller overall and not burning as many.

I'm pretty proud overall that I got to this point, anyway. The only other time I was at this weight was after my dad died and I was so stressed and sad that I didn't eat. It feels good to be here toned and healthy instead of floppy and depleted. There is also a really good feeling that I did one I can own my success (and also give kudos and thanks to you ladies who supported me on both tough days and good ones).

Sorry for rambling on...just trying to think it through by getting it out there, I guess .

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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