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Question Slightly freaking out. Slightly.

Hey Everyone!!

I just joined this site a few days ago, and am completely obsessed with it! Anyway. On to the topic of concern.

When I was inputting all of my height and weight stats, I was worried. Mostly worried because it says my BMR is about 2600, and I bet you I've been eating only about 1500 calories since this past June. I know I have read and heard people talk about how you have to eat to lose weight and how you need to make sure you are eating enough. But if I cut out 600 calories, I'm still consuming 2100!! For real? That seems like a crazy amount of food, especially when trying to lose weight. So my question to all of you, did you start out with your 1200-1500-1800 calorie limit or did you work yourself down to that?

I'm really worried that by eating those extra calories I will gain weight. Right now I have been stable @ 198 and do not want to see a number above 200 ever again. Should I be worried? Should I be questioning eating this much? HELP!
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