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Default Not Anxious, as much as facing new challenges

I try to focus on eating healthier and exercising more, rather than my weight. That keeps me from being anxious about a number on a scale. If i am eating well and moving around, the rest will happen. I do feel a bit anxious when I don't do as much as I should that day, but I can avoid that feeling by just going for a walk or head to the gym for an hour.

I, too, Almeeker, face issues with those who loved the old me - going to buffets, cooking sinful dishes, and just indulging in food whenever possible. Now that I will only go places I can eat properly, and will only eat what I am supposed to, everyone keeps complaining. They, too, minimalize what I am doing. But I try to remember that they aren't attacking me, they are just trying to protect themselves from feeling bad about not trying. I refuse to be a victim of their poor choices. I now plan events that do NOT include eating. As those friends who value food over me fall to the wayside, I will replace them with new friends who can help inspire me and support my effort.

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is getting less support than desired from those who should be the most supportive. Like dieting isnt hard enough!
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