Does Anyone Feel Anxious As they Lose Weight?

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Default Does Anyone Feel Anxious As they Lose Weight?

I got to a new weight this morning. The scale said 210.8, a weight I have not seen in a very long time. All day long I felt great, but there was a sense of anxiety, like I HAVE to keep this up that didn't feel so great. I felt anxious and scared when I thought about my next weight that I want to get to, it was just crazy making. When I thought about what I felt I HAD to keep up it was taking care of myself. I love how I feel better, but my default is to hurt myself by overeating and change is scary.
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Default Yes, change is scary.

While I've not had your exact anxiety, I've had other issues. For example I have a group of really good friends, most of them overweight, because we fat girls stick together. Anyway I met one for lunch not too long ago, I hadn't seen her in a while, although we've talked plenty on the phone. And at first it was a little weird because all she could talk about was how much weight I've lost and wanted the knitty gritty on how I'm doing it. So I give her my basic approach and she sort of pooh poohs my efforts, like it's total bunk and she's not going to waste her time. It took us quite a while to get back on comfortable footing. Which didn't really happen until we ignored the weight loss business and were goofy over lunch just like old times.

So I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be cast out of my circle of friends when I'm no longer a fat girl. Does this mean I'm going to have to find a skinny circle? And truthfully why should it matter what size I am as long as I'm a good and loyal friend? So yes, anxiety here too.
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Hmmm...FitDay is psychic, my banner ad on this page is a quiz for anxiety in women lol. My anxiety with losing the weight is it isn't going to change the thing I'm most uncomfortable with, which is my belly. I've never been a flat-abs girl, and after my 2nd baby, it's just all gone to pieces. I've definitely got more strength in my abs, I can do everything on the pilates routine except a full teaser but still, I look pregnant . He's nearly 2! I know I have 25 lbs yet to go, but 21 lbs lost and my gut still sticks out farther than my boobs. Is it ever going to change? And I'm anxious that I talk too much about losing the weight, because the doc I work for is very overweight, and I know she's sensitive about it, and I don't want to make her feel worse. So I'm glad I can come here and get it out of my system lol.

Loss is one thing, maintenance is a whole other issue. We work so hard for this, and it's so fragile. It's so hard to get weight off and so easy to put it back on. When I get to where I want to be, I'm giving myself a range. 132-138 lbs. When I get to 138, back on the horse. At least that's the plan.

It's amazing how much weight loss changes things we never expected it to, and doesn't change the things we thought it would.

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Default Not Anxious, as much as facing new challenges

I try to focus on eating healthier and exercising more, rather than my weight. That keeps me from being anxious about a number on a scale. If i am eating well and moving around, the rest will happen. I do feel a bit anxious when I don't do as much as I should that day, but I can avoid that feeling by just going for a walk or head to the gym for an hour.

I, too, Almeeker, face issues with those who loved the old me - going to buffets, cooking sinful dishes, and just indulging in food whenever possible. Now that I will only go places I can eat properly, and will only eat what I am supposed to, everyone keeps complaining. They, too, minimalize what I am doing. But I try to remember that they aren't attacking me, they are just trying to protect themselves from feeling bad about not trying. I refuse to be a victim of their poor choices. I now plan events that do NOT include eating. As those friends who value food over me fall to the wayside, I will replace them with new friends who can help inspire me and support my effort.

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is getting less support than desired from those who should be the most supportive. Like dieting isnt hard enough!
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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post

Loss is one thing, maintenance is a whole other issue. We work so hard for this, and it's so fragile. It's so hard to get weight off and so easy to put it back on. When I get to where I want to be, I'm giving myself a range. 132-138 lbs. When I get to 138, back on the horse. At least that's the plan.
Your statement really resounded for me. I lost alot of weight a few years ago, and thought there was no way I would never gain again since I had found what really worked for me...there was no reason I would ever regain the weight. WRONG! I didn't follow the plan that you suggested by getting back on the horse. I was driving myself crazy with the daily/weekly water weight fluctuation, so I dealt with that craziness by not using the scale at all. What a huge mistake! By the time I weighed myself again, I had gained enough to totally destroy my self esteem and resolve. I felt like a failure, and didn't have the confidence to get back on that horse.

This time, I will also give myself a range, just like you are planning. In order to deal with the fluctuation and keep my sanity, I am weighing myself in Kgs instead of lbs. I am not as attached to the emotional meanings of the scale weight, as it is just a number when I see it in Kgs. It also gives me that built-in "range" as 1Kg is 2.2lbs, so 2.2lbs up or down is my range while losing and maintaining.
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Amazon2Andes, I am so there with you sister! I think the friend I mentioned is getting better, she was here today and we just flat out didn't mention it. Of course her husband just got a new job, which is cause to be happy. I'm bracing for the conversation that's going to come around 30-40 pounds from now. She's a very open and honest person and I think at some point she's going to hit me with some sort of "you have anorexia" intervention (for the record I eat 3 squares and at least one snack daily).

rockymtnsavvy, I always say that in my life I've lost 68 pounds and gained 207. But this time seems different to me because I've got a plan to halt the backsliding. I've given myself a healthy weight goal of 120 with 10 pound range of 118-128, and I've committed to getting rid of each piece of clothing as it becomes too big. So far I've given away everything in sizes 24 and 22 and now size 20 is 1/2 packed as well. The hardest part is giving away things that are new, but I've done it because I've promised myself that I'm never going to wear that size again. I even have definitions of what is "too big", pants that can be taken on and off without unbuttoning, shirts and dresses that have more than 10 inches of extra fabric around the stomach, panties that won't stay up by themselves and bras with wrinkles in the cups. Another thing I've committed to is following the plan M-F no matter what, going off diet will be like sleeping-in and only semi-allowable on the weekends. For the most part I don't think it's possible to gain more weight in 2 days than I can lose in 5 - but I've been wrong before.
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